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What You Can Learn If You Just Look Up 5 Minutes a Day

Published on 27th March 2018

How often do you look up? Chances are not often. As humans, we are doers, and this means keeping our focus straight ahead. But what if you took five minutes to look up everyday? How would it change your life?

One day, after walking several miles around my neighborhood park, I found myself exhausted. I needed to rest for a moment. I found a beautiful cherry tree. It had a cream-colored bark and its branches were dotted with rosy pink flowers. I laid my jacket on the dew-covered grass and rested strained muscles on top of it. What I saw (and felt) in just five minutes of gazing up was amazing. 

1. The sky 

You see the sky everyday. Often, it's from your car or during a walk. The sky is vast. When you look at it and its depth, you feel small in this large world of ours. You are but a speck--a dot. 

2. The trees 

With so many residences, you don't realize that we still live on a green planet. 

3. The birds

You feel as if you can soar as high as the birds in the sky. 

4. The wind

The wind blowing against your cheeks lets you know you are live. It is like a whisper or kiss from heaven. 

5. The sun

Discuss how the sun gives you energy. Look up studies or reports