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A Dining Catastrophe

Published on 2nd May 2018

Posted March 2009


The Saturday that just passed was supposed to be a night of romance for me and my boyfriend. I had this night planned for weeks. I would make a nice steak dinner with vegetables and -- like the adults that we are -- we would couple a fine dinner with a bottle of wine.

When I got to his house it was already growing late, so we made a trip to the nearest grocery store. Nearly an hour had passed and we still found ourselves walking the isles; we could not find dry meat rub to save our lives. At this point, I had to reconfigure how this romantic dinner would go. So, I decided to go with a marinade instead. And to top it off, I threw onions, bell peppers, Serrano peppers and baby bella mushrooms into the cart. As a side dish we would have spinach.

Now, we are ready to go but first we must pay at the register. It comes up to $20.00. Hmm, not bad for a dinner for two; not to mention we would have plenty of left-overs for the following day. We finally get back to house around 9 o’clock. It is quiet and peaceful, just like I like it. My boyfriend and I could finally enjoy one another without any distractions. And I wanted him to focus on the fact that I love him enough to go to these great lengths of putting thought into our meal, paying for it and for the next hour or so, preparing it.

But before he could do so, his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend waltz through the front door with satisfied looks on their faces. This look of satisfaction came from having a great dinner, which consisted of a huge baked potato – with the works – and some sort of protein that never made it to the doggy bag. Needless to say, the romance was ruined but it was not enough to keep me from the task at hand.

After an hour of marinating, baking and sautéing, dinner was finally ready. I made two piping hot plates of food for my boyfriend and I. As I go to have a seat at the dinner table, I realize that something is wrong. I began to feel light-headed and I soon went to war with a stomach that did not agree with me.

Excusing myself from the table – before I even had a chance to take a bite -- I retreated to the bedroom to lie down. I figured that my loving boyfriend would take the initiative to wrap my plate and place it in the refrigerator, along with the left-overs. Maybe I had too much faith in him.

I woke up the next morning with the dinner on my mind. Excitedly I told my boyfriend that I was hungry. He then turns to me and says ‘what are you going to eat?’ In my mind I thought it was a stupid question, wouldn’t he know that I was referring to the food from last night. So, I entertained the question and said ‘the steak.’ And with a serious look in his eyes, he tells me ‘there is no more.’ He, his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend devoured it all. He was joking right? Wrong. Trust me I double checked with him, even triple checked.

Once it set in that the dinner I purchased and prepared was gone, a surge of heat ran through my body. I was upset especially after his luke-warm apology and cheap excuse, which was ‘you abandoned your plate so I didn’t think you wanted it….You went upstairs, it was clear that you weren’t going to come back down and eat it. So we ate it.’ He goes on to say that ‘we didn’t want it to go to waste.’ My jaw dropped. ‘Are you kidding me?,’ I said.

If I am not mistaken foil and plastic wrap were invented decades ago for the sole purpose of packaging food so that it will not go to waste and can be eaten at a later date. Plus, I made myself a plate which was a pure indicator that I wanted my food though I was unable to eat it at that moment. The food – in the first place – was not for everyone’s helping. Did I not already mention that they had just come back from eating?

Ah, but that is beside the point. Principle is what counts here. I am not so much bothered by the fact that everyone took part in the meal as I am that they ate EVERYTHING without even considering the fact that I may want to eat a meal that I purchased and prepared. To make a long story shorter, he will either be preparing dinner or taking me to dinner this weekend.